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    Ok, because i've played it now, here's my review of CoD BO 2. I'm not going in-depth with the story part because i'm feeling like crap, and i cant think straight. Remember, this whole review is coming from somebody who is a Halo fan, so it could seem a little biased. I have tried my best to keep this un-biased as possible.

    So, since BO1 we now know that Alex Mason has had a son, David. The story follows Alex and David through their different time periods (Alex back when he was helping the CIA) and David in the present (2025). The game revolves around Raul Menendez, who hates the Americans and the CIA. I havn't finished the story myself, as i'm only around mission 4 or 5, but from what i've played so far, it is actually a better story than any other CoD in the series.
    Story = 8/10

    Getting into a game of zombies by yourself isn't very fun, but getting into one with a mate or two... or three, is very fun. There are three zombie maps to start off with (unless you pre-ordered and got Nuketown 2025), and also three different gametypes.
    There is the Bus Depot, Town and Farm as the three maps, and then TranZit and Grief are new gametypes, with your classic survival as well. In TranZit (only available on Bus Depot) it basically follows a "story" where you try and survive like normal, only you get to travel through different parts of the map, but you have to try to build different contraptions along the way to help you out. It is best to do this with 4 people.
    Grief is your standard zombies with a slight twist... you're also playing 4v4 team deathmatch at the same time. This is only available on Town and Farm. The aim is to keep your team alive from the zombies, and to get the other team killed by zombies.
    Overall, zombies has had a nice coat of paint put on it. Enough to keep it feeling fresh and fun.
    Zombies = 9/10

    The multiplayer is mostly similar to your other CoD games, with a few changes. You have the new weapons, and killstreaks, and the class' have been arranged differently. You can't just fill every slot up anymore, you have to be smart in the way you set everything up. You may want to use 3 wildcards, but that may been you have to get rid of a couple perks, grenades or even a weapons or attachments. Same goes for anything that can be used in your class.
    The maps seem to be decently balanced in TDM, but the spawning system is horrible. Worse than any other CoD. About 95% of the time, you will spawn within 1-3 meters of an enemy and get spawn killed about 3 or 4 times in a row. It can also happen the other way, where an enemy spawn close to you and instantly kills you just as they've spawned.
    The game feels more consistent than any other CoD game though, excluding all the annoying campers and glitchers, as most weapons seem to be adequately balanced, and maps decently sized, and fun. Still, it is better to go into MP with at least one or two mates though, as it can be a little annoying otherwise as in team objective gametypes, most people will just play TDM and not bother capturing anything.
    Multiplayer, while feeling quite fresh and not too bad, still isn't great, but is still better than other CoD games.
    MP = 7/10

    Overall, a surprisingly good job was done with BO2, managing to make the series feel slightly fresh since the release of Modern Warfare 1.
    Overall Score = 8/10

    Keep an eye out, as i will hopefully have done a Halo 4 review for you guys soon.

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