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    I have a few issues with some games that I think are easy to fix, but damned if I know how.

    1. Black Ops 2:

    I can't get the NukeTown Zombies to show or work. I had the same problem with NukeTown and someone kindly uploaded some fixed version and it worked great. Is it the same for this?

    2. Black Ops 3:

    This will not work at all for offline play. All it says it I need the free update, which I have (I think it's right). Strangely this worked once. Literally once. Randomly. So I must be just doing something wrong or buggered something up somewhere. This has been like it for about 5 years, so I guess I should try to sort it. Eventually.

    3. Modern Warfare 3:

    I have the Vertigo DLC but it doesn't show in game. I got all the DLC from archive buy this doesn't do anything. I want to get the associated achievements, but can't because I can't play the level.


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