Change Red Alert 3 CD-key on Mac OSX to play on lan

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    If you want to play Red Alert 3 on lan but "accidentaly" installed on both computer with the same cd-key, you might want to change the CD-key on one of the computer. For Windows you can find several applications to change the CD-key, but for Mac you have none. It takes a time to figure out where the Cider version of the Red Alert 3 for Mac osx stores the registry files and how to change the cd-key entry, so here is some help for that:

    1. The registry is stored in
    ~/Library/Preferences/Command and Conquer - Red Alert 3 Preferences/system.reg

    2. Look for the "ergc" entry looks like this:
    IN CASE YOU DON'T FIND (and you won't with some "installations"): just insert this entry to the end of the file and continue!

    3. Change XXXXX (your current cdkey) to the new one (without the dashes)!

    Now you can play on lan!

    This worked on Snow Leopard with Red Alert 3 1.0.6
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    Hello mate, im actually trying to change the Serial but i cant edit the .reg in mac, how u can edit the file?


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