Connect Pokemon Go to Pokemon Scarlet / Violet to obtain Gimmighoul

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    If you have an Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Scarlet / Violet you can now unlock the Coin Bag in Pokemon Go to get Gimmighoul.

    The process took a bit of figuring out as theirs no documentation on how to do it yet from what I can gather, however here is how to obtain Gimmighoul on Pokemon Go

    On the Switch:
    1. Update Pokemon Scarlet / Violet to 1.2.0
    2. Load Scarlet / Violet
    3. Press X
    4. Select Poke Portal
    5. Select Mystery Gift
    6. Then connect to Pokemon Go
    7. Now click pair with Pokemon Go Account
    On Pokemon Go (Ensure Bluetooth is on):
    1. Click the Pokeball in the bottom middle of the screen
    2. Settings (in the top right)
    3. Scroll down to Nintendo Switch
    4. Click "Connect to Nintendo Switch" (You will have to disconnect from Lets Go Eevee / Pikachu if you have connected to that in the past)
    5. Now select yes on the Switch to allow the connection.
    Sending a Postcard from Pokemon Go to the Switch:
    1. Click on your trainer profile in the bottom left to bring your profile up
    2. Click on Postcard Book
    3. Click on one of your pinned postcards
    4. Click the three lines button in the bottom right
    5. Click Send to Nintendo Switch
    Receiving the Postcard on the Switch:
    1. Press X
    2. Select Poke Portal
    3. Mystery Gift
    4. Connect to Pokemon Go
    5. Clck "Connect to Pokemon Go" again
    6. The Switch will now search for your Pokemon Go account and hopefully you are now done. The Vivillon form you can catch on the Switch will change to the one from the postcard sent from Pokemon Go.
    7. On Pokemon Go you will now have a "Coin Bag" item, click this and it will spawn Gimmighoul for 30 mins like an Incense.
    Note: You have to be walking, it does not seem to work when stationary, at beast you seem to get one spawn. I also had to go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Refresh Game Data for the Gimmighoul spawns to show correctly.

    End result:


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