Crash time III Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by paardje, Jun 14, 2011.

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    This game is available on XBLA but I give you one warning: please stay away from it! FAR AWAY FROM IT! Cuz this game seems to be a fairly good looking game, but what's the fun in it when you crash with your car and that you can't flip it? Also the graphics are not so very impressive. Too simplistic, bland and well: OVERALL BORING!

    I've tried and and after a few minutes uninstalled it. Thank the lord!

    Please Microsoft, don't ever post this junk on Arcade, I beg you!

    Graphics: 4
    Sound: 3 (cars sound like sowingmachines)
    Playability: -1!

    Like we say here in the Netherlands: It's a KUT game!
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    I think the hint this game was going to be terrible was Crash Time I and II...

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