Create your user ID for the Nintendo Switch now!

Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Feb 21, 2017.

By InsaneNutter on Feb 21, 2017 at 9:46 AM
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    Nintendo is now allowing users to create a new user ID for the Switch. Keep reading however, you might think that you already have an account if you have an NNID (Nintendo Network ID), however Nintendo been Nintendo you need to create a new user ID for the Switch.

    You can sign into your Nintendo Account here, you are then able to create a username that you want to use for the Switch.

    Simply scroll down to "user ID", and click edit. You'll get a verification code to your email address, enter the verification code and you can then create a 6+ character username.

    For anyone using / Hotmail or an Office 365 powered email address you need to add and to your safe sender list otherwise the confirmation email will not even get to your inbox or junk folder.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite username now, before somebody else does!


Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Feb 21, 2017.

    1. UnknownRespected
      Thanks for the heads up! No intentions on getting a Switch, but also no intentions on letting anyone else have mine ;) and I will be glad I did at some point down the line if I ever get a Switch.

      Good thing they let you create an account without actually owning a Switch, wouldn't have been able to do this otherwise. Just wish they'd allow capitals in usernames, drives me insane.
    2. Slaz
      It's probably just used as an alternative way to sign in (for the email address) and not so much as a displayed name, same as Steam ID's.

      Still, thanks for the heads up as I claimed mine!
    3. UnknownRespected
      Yeah I like the way Steam does it, and Twitter, and other services like that.
      Got a unique login/identifier, but you can set your nickname to anything and it doesn't matter if someone else already has the same one.
    4. Slaz
      Yeah, I too like how Steam let's you sign in with a simple ID or email, but let's you change your displayed name to anything at any time you like. It holds a backlog of names for everyone to prevent people from successfully faking other players.
    5. UnknownRespected
      Eh, that's not really reliable. What's reliable is their steam user ID which will always be unique. But that being said you can change that at any time, and I don't think anything prevents someone from taking your old user ID after you change it.
      That's only a problem if someone ever changes their user ID though, and the less popular you are on the internet the less it'll be a problem really.
    6. Slaz
      True. You can still fake players that way but it does give players the option to check what their previous names were. It also helped me with a friend who changed his nickname a lot and I couldn't keep up, lol.

      Speaking of Nintendo, some people did this a lot on Miiverse too by changing their Mii name. The user ID was the only way of telling who it really is.
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    7. wrldwzrd89
      Can you do this without a console, if you intend to get one? If so, I'll pounce.
    8. InsaneNutter
      You can, this article was posted before the Switch was released.
    9. wrldwzrd89
      I clicked the link in your guide and got a lovely Access Denied error. Tried logging in manually only to find the page the guide says to visit doesn't exist, at least on the mobile version of that page. Shrug.
    10. InsaneNutter
      Is this the link to the website?

      If so are you at work / school? What your describing seems to suggest you might be behind a content filtering firewall.
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    11. wrldwzrd89
      Yes and no. I am at work, but using a personal phone (not subject to the firewall/proxy) to follow the instructions, as I can't use a regular computer - all of is blocked.

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