Damn them trade in prices

Discussion in 'Gaming Hangout' started by slimwadey, Sep 3, 2010.

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    I have a new Halo Reach console on order at £249.99 its not cheap

    To soften the blow i decided to trade in some old consoles
    Some of you may know i have a rather large collection of consoles due to me being a bit of a Kleptomaniac !!
    Anyhoo i rounded up 3 whole Xbox360 consoles with all the leads and boxes etc
    Then it occured to me to check trade in prices

    Game (uk) Trade in price for a 20gb 360... £45 , 120gb Elite console ... £75
    I feel insulted
    in fact more than that as i had to haul my ass up to the loft to retrieve all the boxes and assemble everything ..
    Surely they are worth more than that , i recently read that the profits of the Game pre owned section are up by £700 million !
    I guess lots of fools willing to give up a perfectly good xbox for the latest tech is helping this
    I may ebay the 3 but i get tired of the whole packaging and sending and then moaning when stuff fails to turn up

    Anyway Rant over
    I will get the new Reach console regardless of the cost because i am a little bit sad :-$

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    The price could be to do with the life expectancy of older 360's, however even looking on eBay you can get around £70-80 for a 20gb 360.

    I have never been a fan of trade in's, i just couldn't let anything go for such a ridiculous price... especially knowing they are going to sell the game / console for double the price it was traded in for anyway.

    If you carn't be bothered with Ebay try advertising the 360's on Gumtree under your local area.

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