Digiex Arcade Week 14: YetiSports 10: Icicle Climb

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    Its that time of the week, Digiex Arcade Mondays!

    (*) Congratulations rambo3852 who won last weeks Final Spit competition (*)

    This week is the 10th in our Yeti Sports marathon, But fear not we have one more bonus Yeti game for you next week!

    Not only will we announce the winner of each game every week, but the overall winner (person with the most wins over all 10 games) will get announced at end and will win the title of Yeti Championship on their user profile!

    Now on to this weeks game...​

    YetiSports 10: Icicle Climb


    Click here to enter the arcade and play YetiSports 10: Icicle Climb

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