Digiex Arcade Week 2: Rollercoaster Creator

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    Its that time of the week once again, Digiex Arcade Mondays!

    (*) Congratulations Curlysteve who won last weeks Portal competition! (*)

    We have another game for you this week, for those of you who hoped for a break from the puzzle games I'm afraid this week wont be of much interest to you but for those who do like our challenging puzzle games this week you get to create your own rollercoasters! The challenge for this game is to get the passengers from the start to the finish collecting coins on the way.

    Click here to enter the Arcade and play Rollercoaster Creator
    While trying to get your passengers across and collect those coins you can also gain additional thrill points by pleasing your passengers with loop the loops, crazy jumps and pure speed!

    There is 21 levels in total, 7 beginner ones, 7 advanced and 7 hardcore! The race is for the first person this week to complete all the levels just like with Portal last week. We also hope the winner shares his rollercoaster creations because the final levels will require a lot of creative thinking.

    If you play in the same web browser with cookies enabled, the game will also remember what level you got up to allowing you to resume it another day. You can submit your score at any point in the Coaster Creation tool by pressing submit score, then the level you reached will be submitted.

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