Digiex Minecraft Server now uses Tekkit - Downloads and information inside

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    Just to update you all that we are now using Tekkit on our server which means client's are now required to use it!

    What is Tekkit you ask?
    Tekkit is the Multiplayer version of the amazing Technic Mod Pack for the game Minecraft developed and maintained by the amazing Technic Pack team. Tekkit's mods introduce an astounding amount of options to automate and industrialize your worlds and even more options to power it.

    To download it, you can either get it from the Official Tekkit Site or use the Digiex Modified Launcher which downloads the correct version and connects you directly to the Digiex Server. So please choose from the below:

    Official Launcher Website: Technic Pack
    Please note when using the Official Launcher: You will need to make sure you pick the right version of Tekkit (not Technic which is the single player version of Tekkit) for the Digiex Server.

    Digiex Modified Launcher: https://github.com/Digiex/spoutcraft-launcher/downloads
    If this opens in WinRAR, well then your a bit silly and have WinRAR set to open JAR files and not Java which it belongs to! Either fix it with Google's help or just use the official Launcher.

    Tekkit has a number of mods included in here, which each have their own Wiki. If your unsure how to use the new features or need help the following links are a good starting place:

    Tekkit Wiki: The Tekkit Wiki
    IndustrialCraft: Industrial-Craft-Wiki
    ComputerCraft: ComputerCraft Wiki - Home - ComputerCraft Wiki
    Railcraft: http://railcraft.wikispaces.com/
    Redpower 2: RedPower2 recipe list
    Equivalent Exchange: http://equivalentexchange.wikispaces.com/
    Forestry Wiki: Forestry for Minecraft Wiki : Category / Tree farms : browse

    Also note, as our server was made before Tekkit, most of the worlds already existing will not have tekkit materials, to solve this there is a new world called Tekkit which you can warp to by using /world Tekkit
    Do note however, WildstyleZx89 has found many chunks in Survival and Creative which haven't been generated yet so you can find some parts of the old maps now have Tekkit materials!

    If you know of anything else helpful for users with Tekkit please feel free to share by replying to this thread!

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    FYI, Forestry has been removed as of Tekkit 3.0, apparently, so the Forestry assets aren't available (sadly). The wiki gives no word on why or whether or not it'll change in the future.

    Yeah, the old Survival and Creative worlds are AFAIK still mostly unexplored, so if you walk in one direction long enough eventually you'll end up in an area that has Tekkit stuff. (Unfortunately, the only visible indicator of this aboveground are volcanoes, which are somewhat rare.) However, the Tekkit world has Tekkit stuff right from the spawn, so if you go there all you have to do is just find a place to set up and you're guaranteed to find the new materials.

    Tekkit's graphics options make the game look a lot better, but beware that some options, especially setting your draw distance to extreme, can eat up a LOT of computer resources, so if you get excessive lag and terrible FPS, pull back the draw distance a bit and maybe change some other graphics options as well. At worst it'll look like normal Minecraft.

    Generators are fairly cheap to make, and so are Macerators. Get these two and you'll literally be able to double your mining yields at the cost of a little coal (and some time, the macerator doesn't work that fast).

    Redstone engines never overheat so long as they're connected to something (e.g. a wooden pipe), and because they only require a redstone current, they can run indefinitely. They're great for setting up automated pipe networks. Steam engines can overheat, though, and combustion engines WILL overheat if they're not supplied with water on a regular basis.

    WildStyle and myself have fairly large, varied stocks of most of the basic materials needed for Tekkit. If you're stuck, feel free to ask for assistance, and maybe some materials (like refined iron, covalence dust or copper cables). Wild has more stuff from Equivalent Exchange, I have more stuff from Buildcraft and Industrialcraft.

    It's possible to create powerful automated devices, just be careful; the more complicated they are, the more prone they are to causing lag. That's fine, but if you go, please turn them off. Read this thread for more information and guidelines.

    When in doubt, check the wiki.

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