Digiex's IPV6 Achievement

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    IPV6 is the future of the internet, as explained by Nimrod's blog post here: https://digiex.net/blogs/nimrod/495-lets-talk-about-ipv6-digiex.html

    It might interest you to know Digiex is currently ranked 592 on the internet in the top 1 million IPV6 enabled websites, see for your self here: IPv6 enabled TOP 1000000 websites | Atoomnet

    Now i think that is a pretty good achievement for a small fish in a big pond!

    A big shoutout to Nimrod for getting us setup on IPV6, he has been using it for a while now and enabled it for Digiex last year.

    I have finally been able to join the ranks of IPV6 users now that i have a new router which supports it.
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