Request: Direct links of Dead Demo Torrents [For Youtube Demo show]

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Zuon, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Aug 11, 2017
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    So, I have been a good boy and read the stickies regarding requests and the unfortunate happenings of the Xbox 360 Demo scene. However, my request it a little bit different. I've just started a new Youtube series called Demoganza, where every Sunday*, we take a look at a couple new demos for any system.

    I was wondering if any of the community still has any of the demos that have been unattainable from the main Demo Pack torrents, or even if there are any that haven't been uploaded for whatever reason. I hope this isn't too much of a demanding request, but I understand if no one can help as well. But whatever anyone can provide, be it the demos themselves or simply information on the lost content, such as other means to get it (demo discs for example), anything would be appreciated. Thank you.

    *Only two videos are currently up for viewing. More have been recorded, but my main computer recently died, which is presenting some trouble keeping to schedule. This shouldn't last too long, however.
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    Most of the demos are likely still on Xbox Live, theirs only a few which have been deleted. So any Xbox 360 that's not banned from Xbox Live can download them for free, without having to pay for Xbox Live.

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