DNS unblocking Vudu and Crunchyroll using own VPS in the US

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    Hi everyone,
    I first started investigating this due to your Unblock-us dnsmasq thread. I though that maybe you knowledgable people could help, if you're still around.

    I have followed this guide DNS unblocking using Dnsmasq and HAProxy | trick77.com
    I've got Netflix working on the computer, PS3 and AppleTV (i think pretty much everything), I've got Crunchyroll working on the Apple TV and the computer. I just can't get Vudu to work on either the computer or PS3 and can't get Crunchyroll to work on the PS3.
    The PS3 is the primary media player in the house and would love to be able to get it working 100%.
    I have also tried his non-sni method. I've also followed other people's dns unblocking diy's but no one seems to use a PS3 or Crunchyroll and Vudu.
    These are the Vudu servers I have caught from Unblock-us that are using their service


    When I forward apicache.vudu.com the vudu content doesn't load on the desktop but the menu does and no matter what I forward the Vudu PS3 app has error code 1:200 (being they detected I'm outside US). If I don't block apicache.vudu.com I can browse the site without issues but when I try to play a movie I get "Could not connect to server. Please try logging in again".

    With crunchyroll I have forwarded api.crunchyroll.com and Crunchyroll - Watch Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Anime Videos and Episodes Free Online, which is all it seems to connect to but there are DNS requests for static.ak.crunchyroll.com and img1.ak.crunchyroll.com so i forwarded them as well but sill doesn't get done. The PS3 just says "Unable to connect to Crunchyroll. Please check your network connection settings and relaunch the app". The desktop works fine though. There is a request to wild.auth.playstation.com (or something) but I haven't forwarded that as I don't need to with unblock-us.

    So, are there subdomains I'm missing? Is anyone here able to help me out?

    Thanks for taking the time.

    p.s. I can post a full list of all the subdomains I use (most from the mentioned guide) if it will help people create their own dns-unblocking service.

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