Download / rip / save RTE Player (Ireland) Content with no DRM as MP4 Video

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    Downloading DRM free MP4 content from RTE Player (Ireland) is quite easy once you know how and is possible on Windows, OSX and Linux.

    RTE Player is an on demand video service provided by Irish public broadcaster RTE for programmes broadcast on RTE Television.

    This tutorial is for Windows, however the same tools are available for OSX and Linux too.

    Keep in mind that RTE Player is only accessible in Southern Ireland, and possibly Northern Ireland depending on your ISP. If you wish to access it from an international location then I can recommend NordVPN. If you use the coupon code "2YDeal2017" you can get 2 years service for only $79.99 which is a massive steal. I picked NordVPN because this allowed me to create this tutorial and download from outside of Ireland. Also it's a good fit because of its zero logging policy, it's Netflix US friendly as well as P2P friendly while operating out of Panama meaning DMCA and Blocking Streams just doesnt happen.

    Downloading from RTE Player:

    To make things a bit easier simply download my RTE Player (Ireland) download package. This consists of YouTube-DL and FFMPEG which are free open source tools you can download for various operating systems from the websites linked to.

    Unzip the RTE Player Download package somewhere, in this example this is in a folder on the root of my D:\ hard drive:


    Now open up a Command Prompt from the Windows start menu, this will be the Terminal on OSX and Linux.

    You want to change to the folder where the RTE download package is

    D:\ changes to my D hard drive

    cd rte-player-download-package changes to the folder on the hard drive which contains YouTube-DL and FFMPEG:


    To download content from RTE Player all you need to do is type youtube-dl, press spacebar then paste the URL to the program you wish to download.

    So for example: youtube-dl hxxps://


    You will see a FLV video file of that program is downloaded:


    FLV video is not a common video format, however it will only take a few seconds to remux this in to an MP4 video container which is almost universally supported by all devices today.

    To make things easy rename your video to something with a simple file name, in this example we download the weather so i've called the downloaded video "weather" and it has the flv file extension.


    To convert this to an MP4 simply type ffmpeg -i weather.flv -codec copy weather.mp4

    "weather" is the name of the file and should be changed accordingly.


    The end result will be you have a weather.mp4 video file which is DRM free:


    That's it, you have learned how to download content from RTE Player (Ireland).

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