Easy Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Hack / Ninjhax Homebrew Install Guide [3DS / XL, 2DS]

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    Its now possible to easily hack the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS and New 3DS for homebrew on the latest Nintendo 9.2.0-20 E, U or J firmware using the NINJHAX (formely SSSpwn) exploit in the game Cubic Ninja. The hack will work on European, American and Japanese 3DS consoles. In fact this hack works on any firmware from 4.7 to 9.2.0-20 (the latest at the time of posting) So if you own a 3DS at the moment you can happily hack it and enable homebrew.

    Getting started hacking the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS and New 3DS for homebrew:

    To hack your 3DS console you are going to need a copy of the game Cubic Ninja, obtaining a copy of Cubic Ninja is also going to be the hardest part of what you are about to read too unfortunately. Finding a copy of Cubic Ninja has become next to impossible in Europe now unless you are willing to pay £60 on Ebay or Amazon.

    I was lucky and managed to purchase a copy of the game for £16 on Amazon.co.uk a few hours after the NINJHAX exploit was announced. Even then that was more than double the price the game had been the day before.

    If your in America Cubic Ninja is around $35 on Amazon.com, which to be honest i dont think is that bad compared to the situation in Europe.

    Where to purchase Cubic Ninja?

    You have probably never heard of Cubic Ninja before the NINJHAX home brew exploit was announced, hence the problem in getting a copy of this game. It was never that popular when it was released in 2011. Currently a few sellers on Amazon in the UK and US appear to have the game. You might be better trying your luck in local game shops in your town / city.



    Just remember all 3DS games are region locked.

    Preparing your 3DS SD card for the hack:

    First you need to download the 3DS Homebrew Starter Pack

    Now you need to put the SD card that's in your Nintendo 3DS in to the PC using a card reader. If you do not have a card reader the Integral SD (Secure Digital) Single Slot Reader is cheap and will work fine.

    Simply extract the homebrew starter zip file to the root of your 3DS's SD card, as can be shown in the screenshot below:


    The 3DS's SD card should now have a folder called 3ds and a file called boot.3dsx in the root of the SD card, as can be seen below:


    That's it, place the SD card back in your 3ds and proceed to hack your 3DS.

    Hacking your Nintendo 3DS:

    You need to check the following before continuing:
    • Your 3DS firmware version
    • That your 3DS is connected to the internet
    To check your firmware version simply go to System Settings:


    Then on the top screen you should see your firmware version in the bottom right corner:


    Before loading Cubic Ninja ensure you are connected to a wireless network with internet access:


    Press A on the main Menu of Cubic Ninja:


    Go to create:


    Go to QR code:


    Now scan QR code:


    Now you need to go to the Ninjhax website and enter your firmware version you obtained earlier under the Get Ninjhax section:


    This will give you a QR code for your 3DS to scan, like so:


    You then need to simply hold your 3DS up to your computers screen and let the code scan, the DS must be connected to the internet at this point:


    Its likely Ninjhax will fail to launch and crash the game a few times. I got lucky on my third time.
    If the hack fails you will be returned to the 3DS home screen:


    I found when i had a very strong Wi-Fi signal the hack worked, so if you are having trouble it might be an idea to move closer to your wireless router if you are far away from it.

    When Ninjhax loads successfully you will see the screen like this, press A to install the hack:


    After installing you will now have access to the homebrew launcher on the 3DS:


    To load the homebrew channel again you have to go through the process of loading Cubic Ninha, then going to scan QR code again as you have just done. However once the hack is installed you do not need to scan the QR code, the homebrew launcher will simply load and you will have access to any Homebrew apps on the SD card.

    I have created a video showing Cubic Ninja loading, then the homebrew channel been loaded from there. In total it will take you about 30 seconds to load the homebrew channel from the 3DS's homescreen.

    That's it, if you download any more homebrew you simply need to place it in the 3ds folder on your SD card.
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