Enable PSP Remote Play on Playstation 3 games which don't support it officially

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    Certain PS3 games allowed you to play them Remotely from your PS3 on your PSP, with the game being rendered on the PS3 and being sent via the network to your PSP where it was controlled. Originally, only a few games supported it, and people always assumed games had to be specially made for Remote Play. Turns out though, that any game can easily be enabled for it, all it needs is a simple setting change. Killzone 2 and Infamous have been tested, and both games work without any lag.

    How to:

    1. Dump any game of your choice to your hard disk.
    2. Install PS3 FTP and launch it
    3. Connect via FTP and navigate to your hard disk folder then to games -> LAUN12345 -> GAMEZ -> YOUR GAME ID -> PS3_GAME (If you use the Stealth Manager, it may not be in LAUN12345)
    4. Now copy PARAM.SFO and make a backup of it just in case
    5. Download SFO Editor open the sfo and check “enable remote play”
    6. Save it and then open up the FTP and transfer the modded sfo back into the PS3_GAME folder.
    7. Now connect your psp in remote play and enjoy.

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    I've seen this floating around on a few sites. It looks pretty cool but with the lack of a second analog stick and L2, L3, R2, R3 its not really worth the trouble. I just wonder if remote play would be possible on PS2 games on UK software emulation models (as US models are hard coded and UK uses pure software emulation). Of course if it even is possible it would take quite a bit of work just to get it to work...just a dream of mine I guess.

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