FarCry 2, XBOX 360

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by paardje, Aug 22, 2009.

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    I just played Far Cry 2... and man o man o man, that game just looks awesome! The lighting, the sound... everything is nigh on perfect! Sorry Halo 3 but... move over! There's a new king in town: FarCry 2! It's got the whole african vibe at it's best. Even the music is like the lion king, but even better! Did I mention that the whole game world is just one big open place? You can drive/swim/hunt/shoot/blast everything.

    I personally like the flamethrower. Is there a baddy in your way? JUST BURN 'EM! (And hear the agonising screams of dooooooom! (6)(6)(6)) You can also drive EVERY vehicle in this game, even on some places you can take the bus to go from place a to place b!

    You don''t have to take the nessecary (typo?) missions to enjoy the african... wildlife?.... heck! Where are all the lions? Giraffes? Elephants? Yup, I only could spot a few(!!!!) gazelles in the distance, running away. The MAIN predators in this game are the baddies with their guns.

    And you like sunsets? Just go to a safehouse, set it around noon, and go to a open spot (without getting caught!) This game is no subsititute for africa but it comes waaaaaaaaay close to it!

    Graphical it is TOP NOTCH: the wind, dynamic weather, swaying trees/grass/realistic fire... it's just nigh on perfect! (10/10)

    Music: well... if you like african music, this is your cup of soup, if you don't... uuuuuuuhhhhhh..... then you don't! :P (8/10)

    Replay value: I bet this game will stay in your XBOX for a looooooong time if you once got started! (9/10)
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    Mar 3, 2009
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    Personally I got bored of the game in 20 minutes or so. The graphics were great though I always was streaming music so I don't know about the music on it. It was just something about it that I didn't like and became boring rather quick for me. Nice review though.
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    it took me 2 days to fin. the game... one the longest games that i'd ever played. :P
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    I liked the game at first, but I got bored with how long the driving took to go to one place to another with no option of fast travel other than the cheap bus.

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