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    Hi guys

    I have been searching about this but found nothing that helps. Me (Nabeel) and my cousin (Salman) both have modded X360s and we do not have Internet connection on our X360s. The thing is that we both play Career Mode on FIFA 11 with Barcelona at my place, and we want to continue it on my Cousin's place, but when I take the save file into my USB and transfer it to my cousin's X360, it says Corrupted profile. We want to play the SAME one Career Mode in both the consoles so we could continue the same season. Right now, we have to make two Career Modes, one for each console. We used to have so much fun on our PS2s 5 years back when we used to play FIFA and PES Manager modes on both of our Consoles, but today we can't continue the same thing on two different consoles because of the Corrupted profile error. Please can anyone help me here? This will help me greatly!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Method 1:

    1.I think you should take your hard drive out of your Xbox 360 and insert it into your cousins hard drive. This should then allow you to load the save from the game.

    Method 2:

    (The files used are just for example)

    1. You can download Modio.

    2. Move the save file (From your Xbox; Fifa 11 save) onto the USB.

    3. Get a file from you cousins Xbox and also move it onto the USB. This can be any game save on his Xbox.

    4. Insert the memory stick in a PC.

    5. Open up Modio on your PC and click on the "Open a Save" option on the left. Select the Fifa 11 save.


    6. A new window will pop up. This is the file for the save.


    7. Now click the "Open a Save" option again and select the save you got from your cousins Xbox 360.

    8. You will now have 2 windows open. One of the Fifa 11 save from your xbox and one save from your cousins xbox.


    9. Notice the Device ID and the Profile ID are different for the two different saves. Now you must copy the Profile ID and the Device ID from the save which you took from your cousins Xbox and paste them in the save for Fifa 11.

    10. Now click "Rehash and Resign" on the Fifa 11 save and you are done. Now when you transfer the file to your cousins Xbox, it should work fine.

    Hope it works, let us know! :)
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