Find Wiglett Spawn Locations On Pokemon Go Using OpenStreetMap

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    Wiglett has just debuted on Pokemon Go, with a catch. Wiglett will only spawn in areas on Pokemon Go that are "beaches".

    You might not need to travel all the way to the seaside to catch a Wiglett however.

    Pokemon Go obtains it map data from OpenStreetMap (OSM), this means we can query OSM for locations tagged as a beach, which have the potential to spawn Wiglett.

    Specifically the the tag we want to search for on OSM is natural=beach

    The easiest way to search for a specific tag on OSM is with Overpass Turbo

    This can be done with the following query:
    Search for natural=beach tag to show potential locations Wiglett can spawn.
    // gather results
    // print results
    out geom;
    Simply copy + paste this query in to the code box on the left and click run.

    Depending on area of the map you are viewing on OSM this can take a while to run, so you might be better zooming in on a certain location before clicking run:


    I let the query run for most of the UK, the results can be seen below:


    As you can see quite a few areas inland are tagged as natural=beach, meaning you should find Wiglett will spawn there, if we zoom in on one area we can see the natural=beach tagged area:


    Looking at a Pokemon Go map that covers spawns in various locations in the UK we can indeed confirm their is a Wiglett currently spawned in that location. It seems to be a rare spawn, so I suspect some luck will be involved in their been an active spawn when you visit. However if you have a location local, you can randomly keep checking back when out and about.


    Now you know all you need to potentially identify somewhere local to you that will allow you to catch a Wiglett.

    This is where I would like to show you a catch screen of myself obtaining a Wiglett, sadly i'm nowhere near anywhere that has the potential to spawn Wiglett. However at least i now know this.

    Here is a screenshot from a friend who did happen to live near one of these inland locations and was able to successfully catch a Wiglett on Pokemon Go, without been near the coast.


    Happy hunting trainers!
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