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    What things do you users do to get fit? Be it eating healthy, working out, cycling, sports, etc. If you guys have advice to give others or looking for help on where to start the users here will gladly help you out.

    Someone made me remember that being fit is AWESOME. Feels great being able to outrun the *police.

    A few things I do are eat healthy, train at home using skipping rope, pushups, sit ups, some cardio exercises and the occasional run. Also eating healthy and staying very hydrated helps me out.

    What do you guys do?

    *That was a joke.
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    I think this is good post was going to do one my self but didn't think this was the place but as you have started.

    The first thing to remember is when eating to make sure you are watching what carbs your eat. They are your body preferred source of energy. so making sure you eat them is highly important if you want to build muscles. Making sure you eat complex carbs are also important as well the breakdown in the system slower and keep you fuller for longer helping to ease feelings of hunger.

    I suppose the main thing is to firstly understand the amount that you eat before you start and making good adjustments to your diet and exercise. i would also suggest before you start exercise doing low impact training before you start such as walking.

    If your trying hard to lose weight something to try is eating smaller meals more often. so eating 5-6 times a day is good because it can help you to raise your metabolism and obviously doing more exercise.

    A good source is - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

    Thanks for reading


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