Fix for the Dell Mini 9 Startup Screen Resolution Flick Issue

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    Fix for the Dell Mini 9 Startup Screen Resolution Flick Issue

    The screwy Dell drivers are now fixed with a simple app from the EEE PC guys. The Dell drivers insist on starting windows in 800×600 and then flick to the full 1024×600 once you log in. If you had any icons on the right hand side they would always get shifted very annoying. Until now I haven’t been using any icons on the desktop because of this.

    All you need to do is Download Astray 1.4 Beta 1.

    Unzip the file on the SSD someplace and run the exe. It will come up with an error saying it can’t change the screen res just ignore that (its how its been setup for the EEE’s change the BaseMode from 800,480 to 1024,600 in the ini file if you want to keep running this app). then restart the Mini. Don't worry about closing the application in the tray icon, it won't be there on reboot and it makes changes when closing down.

    It should reboot and the welcome screen should be at 1024×600 once you log on there will be no screen resize. You can delete the program now. It looks like it modifies the drivers somewhere. (It also allows you to select a bigger res in the windows display panel but its only a virtual desktop as the hardware can only handle 1024×600).

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