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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lancstar, Dec 14, 2023.

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    Dec 9, 2023
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    hello future friends i have just had a phew days reading thru your great site wile trying to make my mind up on what forum to join to chat about things that take my interest and now retired i have much more time to do some tinkering with my favourite hobby at percent (this can change at a drop of a hat ) its spending lots of time trying to fix and upgrade Xboxes for friends and family i pick them up at boot sales and have been gifted 1 or 2 after a so called accident wile playing *–)
    tinkering is what i seem to be enjoying with my spare time there is something really great when you take 2 broken thingy's and get 1 working thingy ;)
    i often get stuck on a problem and usually just search it on google as everyone does but i have been thinking on joining a forum because most of the great help files workarounds and video walkthroughs are on forums so that's why i picked Digiex (Y)
    that's my introduction sorted
    i will chat later on the Xbox forums as i have hit a issue on a xBox one s SYL lancstar
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    Welcome to Digiex!

    It sounds like you are making good use of your retirement.

    Sadly social media has killed activity on a lot of forums, which is sad as anything on social media is owned by a massive corporation and could disappear at any time.
    We do have a lot of content here for the OG Xbox and the 360, so hopefully you find something of use!
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