FreeBOOT .32 update help.

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    Alright. Well, I just bought a jtag without anything console by it's self with xbr3 on the NAND. I have another console not jtagged but with 9199 dashboard update. The problem is in order to get flash360 On my jtagged 360 I would have to get the harddrive and delete the systemupdate folder off the hdd of the stock console because I currently have one hdd so that's why I would have to delete the update folder(And DO NOT have a transfer cable). So my question is if I backup all of the stuff on the Microsoft hdd and put it on a USB formatted by the console with 9199 then go back to my jtagged 360 and format it would I be able to use the hdd on the xbr3 console without it asking meant update to 9199 because I formatted the thing and it should delete the system update folder correct?
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    If you put the hard drive in your jtag you can just say no when it asks you to update and you will be returned to the dashboard.

    Now download XeXMenu_1.1-ISO.rar from Xbins and burn it do a disc.

    Put this burned disc in to the 360 and launch it.

    When XeXMenu is running you can FTP in to your 360 and delete the update from the hard drive, you can also FTP Flash360 on to the hard drive.

    That should work and it saves you messing about deleting all your stuff.

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