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Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Sep 25, 2019.

By InsaneNutter on Sep 25, 2019 at 8:07 PM
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    Freespace 2 is currently free to claim on Good Old Games (GoG) for the next 42 hours from the time of posting.

    The game continues on the story from Descent: FreeSpace, once again thrusting the player into the role of a pilot fighting against the mysterious aliens, the Shivans. While defending the human race and its alien Vasudan allies, the player also gets involved in putting down a rebellion of those elements of Vasudan (Hammer of Light) and Human (Neo Terran Front) forces which don't want to cooperate with one another.

    Freespace 2 also includes the FRED2 editor available in the installation directory of the game.

    Link: Freespace 2 on GoG


Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Sep 25, 2019.

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