GBA Pokemon Distribution service in UK?

Discussion in 'Gaming Hangout' started by cookiealexd123, Mar 15, 2021.

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    Mar 15, 2021
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    So I stumbled on this after a 14 year bitterness I never got Mew. I always intended on buying a gameshark console or something the second I found one under £30 on ebay but it has been 10 years and that hasn't happened yet. I was thrilled to learn you could now get the Aura Event Mew. HOWEVER, My cheap ass doesn't want to buy another GBA and an expensive flash cartridge. Is there somewhere/someone in the UK that has a service where we can take our cartridges and pay them to do it? I am surprised this service isn't seemingly offered on Ebay or something!
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    Do you have a DS or DS Lite and a DS flash card? you can backup your save an inject an event Mew like that too. DS Flashcards are much cheaper in comparison to GBA ones.

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