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    Hello all.

    You may or may not know that I have a big passion for writing. Obviously you'll have seen me writing the blog every week, but I also like to write my own "novels" based on video games. Here is a Gears of War one I did for my GCSE English coursework a couple of years back. Please read it (I know it's long!) and tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is the only way to improve, so tell me what you think!

    With all the hype about Gears 2 I thought this would be the opportune moment to post this.



    Home Sweet Home

    SERA – DAY 15, 1050 HOURS

    Marcus Fenix was sat silently in the K19 Helicopter, and was ready to take a long deserved rest after defeating General RAAM, the main force in the Locust hierarchy. His colleague, and friend, Dom Santiago was trying to contact General Hoffman to tell him that RAAM had been eliminated and they were coming home. But as they tried to contact HQ, a message came through on SATCOM. They were to be redeployed out to Fenix Manor, Marcus’s Fathers’ old house, to infiltrate a Locust stronghold, and to try to end this war.

    Fenix, an ex-convict, had been brought out of prison on emergence day, when COG defenses were breached by Locust forces, and Soldiers died for the greater good of humanity. But, forces were so depleted that the COG commanders turned to soldiers who had betrayed their country. Fenix had been thrown in prison for choosing family over country, a heinous crime to commit. But, they had relied on him and the rest of Delta Company, to try and map out the Locust’s tunnels and destroy the threat of General RAAM. Fenix wasn’t the tallest man ever, but stood strong and muscular at 6ft. The COG armor weighed a ton, and made him look sinister. Delta company consisted of Marcus, Dom Santiago, Augustus “Cole Train” Cole and Damon Baird. Dom had busted Marcus out of prison at the beginning of the war and had been with him all the way. At times like this it was good to have friends you could trust. They hooked up with Cole and Baird on Emergence Day. They were the two surviving members of Alpha squad, and had been valuable assets in Marcus & Dom’s success. Hoffman had been promoted to General after “masterminding” Delta’s success with the mapping of the Locust tunnels. Although Marcus knew that Hoffman didn’t deserve the promotion, he had to obey the orders of his commanding officer.

    The helicopter banked hard to the right, and sped forward, heading towards Fenix Manor. Dom asked Marcus, “Hey Marcus, you alright goin’ back there?” and in a deep gravely tone Marcus replied “Yeah, just fine.” Anya was Delta’s eyes and ears, and had also been with Marcus and the team from the beginning. She gave them the briefing from General Hoffman. “OK Delta this is the plan – It will be a hot landing, we’ve sent recon droids to the Manor and Locust drones have the ground covered –“
    “Aww that’s just great” said Baird in his usual sarcastic tone.
    “- moving on…” said Anya, sounding totally unimpressed with Baird’s interruption, “… you can take cover at the front of the courtyard and take out the Locust drones. You will then head up the stairs and enter through the front door. We don’t know what’s inside, but it certainly isn’t pretty. Anya out”
    “OK Delta squad, you know what to do, we will land in 5 minutes, get your guns ready, and get ready to fire up your chainsaws, we’re in for one hell of a ride.” Marcus had to shout over the roar of the helicopter blades, but to his team the orders were crystal clear, move in, eliminate the enemy and get out… quick.

    As they approached, Cole poked his head out the K19 to complete a quick scan of the area. To his surprise, he saw no Locust drones on the ground. “What the hell Marcus, there ain’t no uglies on the ground!”
    “They must be in cover, they’re slimy bastards! Keep your eyes sharp, prepare for the hot drop!” Although Marcus sounded cool enough, in the pit of his stomach there was that feeling that something wasn’t quite right.
    As the K19 landed, Delta rushed out, and took cover behind a wall at the front of the courtyard. Marcus popped out, looking to see Locust drones charging towards them, but what he saw shocked him. There was an eerie silence, and dust drifted across the courtyard. A large orange ball set in the western side of the sky, causing dim orange light to scar the landscape ahead of him. Marcus scanned the area around him, but all he saw were pillars of concrete with harmless moss growing on them. Something was seriously wrong. And he knew it.

    He told Delta, “OK, stay sharp, we’re going to move forward towards the house. Fire on first sight, if you see Locust, send them to hell.” Delta Company cautiously creped forward, small stones cracking against the cold floor underneath their feet. They were all on edge; Marcus could almost feel the adrenalin pumping through his veins, and Marcus knew that adrenalin was the fight hormone. They reached the top of the front steps without any resistance, but the huge front door was looming over them. Marcus called forward Baird who unlocked the door using the hacking software on his keypad. As the doors swung open, and Delta leveled their guns, Marcus saw two huge figures in the lobby, and he immediately knew what they were.
    “BOOMERS!” Marcus screamed over the COM channel, “Fall back! Fall back!” On his command the whole of Delta rolled backwards and took cover on either side of the door frame. Boomers were the largest males in the Locust army. They had a rocket launcher type gun called the Boomshot. Although slow and inept, if one shot from a boomshot hit you, you were history. Just another record on the quickly expanding COG database. Lead was being spat out of Delta squads Lancer rifles in alternating bursts. The shots aimed at the heads of the Boomers, struck their targets, bullets embedding themselves in the fleshy heads with a satisfying squelch.

    Marcus held up a huge fist, the sign to hold your ground. He then slowly moved forward, and the same scenario as the courtyard met him. Silence. A chilly breeze hit Marcus’ face, drifting between the stiff stubble that lined it. Marcus had no idea what was happening here, but he wanted to find out, even if it meant he lost his life. He called forward Delta, but told them to be cautious; he didn’t quite know what was going to happen next. They moved left, further into the ruins of this once great house. As they did so, out of nowhere dim gas lamps flickered on, lighting the way forward, as if someone was trying to guide them.
    “Hope to god your dad installed lamps that turn themselves on Marcus” said Baird, with a slight waver in his voice.
    “Somehow I don’t think so” said Marcus, still not showing any signs of nerves.
    “Oh…Dear” Baird whispered, so quietly, the rest of Delta couldn’t hear him.

    As they passed the barely recognizable bedrooms, Marcus turned into what used to be his old room. He knelt down and picked up the remains of an old teddy bear. The last memories he had.
    “We’ve got contact! Wretches!” Dom screamed over the COM channel.
    “WOOOO! The Cole Train is smoking hot! HAHA!” Cole, who seemed to enjoy battle too much, had just downed three wretches in a row. Marcus now rolled out into the corridor, rifle leveled, and shot two drones that had also appeared in the head, and watched, as their lifeless bodies fell limply to the floor. “Move out!”, and Delta promptly rushed down the corridor.

    “Anya, where do we need to go?”
    “OK Delta, I think your best bet is the wine seller, there is a secret room behind. That is where most of the seismic activity is taking place. Good luck. Anya out”.
    “OK, let’s move out”. Marcus knew this would be where the Locust were hiding. After all, this room was where all the High-Tec equipment was, and where the technology his father had developed had been kept. This information and technology would change the war, and whoever got hold of it would most likely win it. He just wished he had not known this, and thought it better to keep it from the rest of his squad.
    As they moved into the seller, Marcus saw two drones guarding the door through to his fathers “office”. He motioned for Cole and Dom to get their sniper rifles in position and to floor those drones. As he gave them the signal, two silent assassins sailed toward the drones, and promptly embedded themselves into their hearts. Marcus could smell the fumes left by the bullets, and knew that soon, he would be smelling much more of the fumes. He turned to Dom, and said quietly “I just want you to know, I couldn’t have done this without you. Thanks.”
    “Hey no problem man! Before you know it we will be laughing over this story with a glass of nice cold beer in our hands!”
    Marcus wished he had Dom’s confidence, but he knew the end was ominous.

    As they got to the rusty old door, Marcus got Baird and Cole to push it over, and what met them, was terrifying.
    “Holy ****!” Cole said quietly, as if it had knocked the wind out of his lungs. What they saw was a small army of Theron guards, which meant that the Locust Queen was close. Very close. Theron guards wore red battle armor, presumably so it didn’t show the blood of their many enemies. They had torque bows, when if charged up, one shot would kill their victim. It embeds its spikes into its foe, and explodes, spraying the poor soul everywhere. Marcus immediately told Delta to fall back and fire, and they gladly obliged, emptying clip after clip of ammunition. Eventually they had eliminated the Theron Guards, until only the Queen was left. She stood, much taller than any Boomer at the back of this vast, cavernous room.

    The room was dark, with only weak light coming from the gas lamps which were sparsely placed around the room. Marcus could only just make out the silhouette of the Queen, and couldn’t make out any of her features. Then a booming voice seemed to fill the room, and it roared, “You humans thought you were the greatest race of all time with your precious emulsion fuel and your technology. But now you will realize that the Locust are the greatest race!” The Queen let out a mighty roar and smashed two of her spider like legs into the ground, sending shockwaves rippling through the rocky floor of this room and through the bones of Delta squad, sending them sprawling to the floor. Marcus groggily rose to his feet, and told his squad to throw grenades towards her. Delta squad did so, and explosions sent earth spewing up into the air, but as the dust settled, Marcus saw the Queen, still standing tall and strong, untouched by the blasts.
    “Fire at the mid-section, that’s the weak point!” On cue Delta fired at the huge mid-section of the Queen. She stumbled back, regained her balance, and smashed one of her arms down on the ground, right next to where Dom was standing. The ground gave out an almighty crack, and split, emulsion spewed out onto the rocky surface, and Dom fell into the abyss. Marcus screamed for his lost friend, and charged at the Queen, chainsaw revved. He planted it into the mid-section of the beast, and cut through her tough skin, and through to her black heart. Marcus fueled now by his emotions dug the chainsaw deeper, making sure the Queen never set foot on his planet again.

    Marcus fell back down to the earth with a thump. He lay there motionless, with tears rolling down his now black face. Cole and Baird rushed over to him. They picked him up, brushed him off, and consoled him for their lost. They limped out the hell hole they had only minutes before entered, and swore never to go back. They managed to contact Anya.
    “Anya, it’s Baird. Dom is dead, the Queen has been killed.”
    “Repeat… Dom is dead…the Queen is dead?” said Anya, confused as to what had happened.
    “Yes Anya… The Queen was in the room, and the ***** took Dom, and then Marcus cut her into little pieces. End of.”
    “Oh my god. I must contact General Hoffman.”
    “Yeah you do that… and tell him that his handiwork lost us one of the best soldiers the COG had. Delta out!” Said Baird, almost screaming with hate at the sheer mention of Hoffman’s name. “OK Marcus, lets get out of here, we’ve had enough for one day.” And with that Delta left Fenix Manor. But as they carried Marcus out to get picked up, all they could see in his eyes was pure hate. Hate for the Locust. He wanted them dead. Every. Last. One.

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    Very nice. I went through part of it because it is a big long and it was very good. Great detail, great story.

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