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    Microsoft released the Windows 7 betas to the public last week. The software company also sent out a hardware newsletter to its ecosystem partners on Friday January 9th detailing the Windows 7 beta.

    In the newsletter the spokesperson mentions "If you are a hardware partner but do not have a Winqual account, you can access the Windows 7 Beta by entering invitation ID Win7-3HQW-RF74 on the Microsoft Connect homepage."

    By using this ID on the Connect site you can gain access to Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Server betas. Last week We revealed that Microsoft is currently only offering the Home Premium bits only to 1000 testers for Windows Any Time Upgrade testing. With this connect access you can download the Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Server bits and request up to 5 keys.

    Microsoft has not officially confirmed the feature set for Home Premium and is currently evaluating feedback from testers of the Any Time Upgrade process.


    At the time of posting this worked for me, however it says keys are currently offline.

    Apparently Microsoft know the code has been leaked to join the official beta, at the moment you can download the Windows Server / Home Premium Beta but not generate your own key.
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    Thanks for the heads up I'm gonna try it out myself.

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