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    Android TV (like the Nvidia Shield TV) has an amazing app called Live Channels available which is a fully feature Media Center just like Windows Media Center (MCE) use to be like if you remember that. It even supports DVR if your Android TV device has enough disk space or external drive access.

    However to get it show is a bit unusual. It's not an app you can just find on the App Store and download and it's there. Instead you have to first install a supported App which supports the Google Tuner format, then it will appear automatically on your Home Screen.

    In this guide, I'm going to show how to enable it for use with a HDHomeRun Network Tuner. If you haven't got one, I really recommend. It's available across the US and most of Europe as well as a few other countries. It allows you to connect a Free to Air aerial to the device which in turn shares it across your local network for numerous devices to access (Live Channels on Android, Channels on Apple TV, Xbox, FireTV Stick, Playstation, Samsung Smart TV's the lot).

    You can pick them up in Amazon for a reasonable price:

    UK / Europe
    - Supports Freeview HD / DVB-T / DVB-T2 :
    - Supports DVB-T / DVB-T2

    US :
    - Supports Free Over the Air TV :
    - Supports Cable TV

    Anyways, let's get to it! Fire up The Google Play Store and search for the term 'HDHomeRun':

    Google Play Store_20170827_144820.png

    Select the top result 'HDHomeRun - BETA' - Eventually the Beta Tag will be removed, in which case look for the official app from SiliconDust which looks like the above.

    Google Play Store_20170827_144812.png

    Once done, you don't even need to open it. Infact, I wouldn't even recommend it (unless you have never used the tuner before) as the app is rubbish and tries to charge you for extra features like DVR.

    Instead, go back to your home screen and you should now see 'Live Channels' as an app, fire it up:

    Leanback Launcher_20170827_144835.png

    It will then take you through the first setup were you basically select your Tuner which should come up as 'HDHomeRun Input'.

    Live Channels_20170827_144850.png

    Once done click finish and you are set to go! The App will automatically attach and download an EPG without bothering you or asking details and you'll be set to go. I would show you screenshots, but the built in DRM kicks in at this point and I'm unable to screenshot it. However the app is really simple to use and get going.

    One thing to note, is Google puts an extra channel on your list at the top called 'Google Play Movies & TV' which is just showing movie trailers over and over with the option to buy it in the store. It's really annoying and it's Google's way of trying to get value and upsell. IF you don't use Google Movies and TV it's easy to get rid of by disabling the App in the Settings. Though only do this if you dont use the App as normal as otherwise you wont be able to watch any paid for movies or TV Shows from Google without re-enabling it.

    Browse to Settings and Select Apps, Search for Google Play Movies & TV. If you are intending to disable it I recommend first selecting 'Uninstall Updates' as this will free up disk space on your device and reset it back to stock from your devices Firmware. Then select Disable like so and it's gone and wont appear on the EPG on Live Channels anymore:


    Please note also, if you wish to use DVR functionality. You must have 50GB of Internal Space available otherwise the option doesn't even appear. If you are using External Storage, this will count ONLY if its configured as internal storage. For example when plugging into the Nvidia Shield TV, you get a choice between mounting as External or configuring it for Internal Use (Which Formats the Drive and puts System Apps on the Disk). You must select the later for it to count towards the 50GB Requirements for Live Channels.

    Hope this helps, any questions just let me know below :)
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