Guide to Jailbreak the PS3 with a Android Phone running PSGroove

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    This is a simple Jailbreak for a Andriod Phone's (HTC Desire / NexusOne and others). You can view the entire list of supported device's here.

    Note: The device must be rooted.

    How To:
    • Download this package, extract it using WinRAR.
    • Extract N1-CM6-PSFreedom.tar.gz and copy the content's to your SD card.
    • Copy and to your SD card.
    • Reboot into the recovery console.
    • Install/flash
    • Reboot your phone.
    • Use a terminal emulation app such as Terminal Emulator (available for free on the Marketplace) and type:

      [*]cd /mnt/sdcard
      [*]insmod psfreedom.ko​
    • Kill the power to your PS3, switch on the back (PS3 Fat) or unplug from the wall, (PS3 Slim) and connect your phone via USB.
    • Re-enable power and press the PS3 power button followed by the eject button in quick succession.
    • Your PS3 is now hacked! You’ll see “Install Package Files” under GAME on the XMB.
    • To return your phone to normal just boot back to recovery and flash It’s that easy.

    Known bugs:
    • This will disable wi-fi untill the original boot.img is flashed back.
    • This will also disable USB mass storage.

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    Just wondering, can i use this on my Android Port that is present on My Iphone 3g, i have Android 2.2 Froyo

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