Guide to Jailbreak the PS3 with a Nokia N900 running PSFreedom/PSGroove

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    This is a simple Jailbreak for a Nokia N900. This will not work on other Nokia mobile phones, and is not Symbian based, its based on Maemo Linux OS which was used on the N900.

    You will need stock kernel rootsh and wget installed for this to work. The best place to seek help for this, is to get to the Maemo Community site: - Home of the Maemo community

    Once you have the above set up, you can either download the package from Digiex and unzip it on your phone (Download PSFreedom), or by running the following commands you will download and install the package automatically on your phone.

    Now with it installed, you can run the commands in Terminal:

    To enable:
    To disable and restore USB ports:

    While the Jailbreak is running on your N900, you won't be able to use the USB port for other purposes.

    As usual, to Jailbreak the PS3 is the same as other methods. You plug in the N900 via USB to the Playstation 3, turn the console off, then turn it on and in less than a second or so press and eject button to allow the exploit to work.

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