Guide To Update You're Backup Game's, Install Title Updates Offline!

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    Below is a excellent guide I've made, It shows you how to connect to PSN using a proxy to download a update for you're backup game. Now Don't be mistaken, this does not in anyway allow PSN access.


    A Jail-broken PS3, if you haven't already done so learn how to following one of our guide's.
    PS3 FTP Server
    PS3 Proxy Server
    PS3 Demo Manager (Yes it work's for Demo's/Updates)


    Download: PS3 FTP Server
    Download: PS3 Proxy Server
    Download: PS3 Demo Manager
    Download: FileZilla

    Step One You Need To Run PS3 Proxy Server.

    • Under proxy settings check mark PS3 Mode and enter your PC's local IP address (not your internet IP, i.e Now click Start and select the "Logs" tab.

    Step Two You Need To Alter You're PS3's Network Setting's.

    • On your PS3 go to Settings>Network Settings>Internet Connection Settings>Custom>
    • Depending on your network setup choose Wired or Wireless
    • Now keep going right until you see "Proxy Server"
    • Change to use
    • Now enter your PC's IP address (in my case
    • Once you have done this proceed to the end and save the changes you have made.

    Step Three You Need To Run The Backup Manager.

    • Load the game you want to update.
    • When you start the game you should be presented with the option to update (that fails to install while jail-broken)
    • Start the update process
    • when the update is showing as 1%+ downloaded cancel it.

    Note: Before you go back to your PC you should Load the PS3 FTP Server, start the service and make note of your PS3's IP address. (If you haven't already installed the FTP Server do this now. You can download the file above.)

    Step Four Go Back To You're PC!

    • On the top line of the Logs tab on PS3 Proxy
    • Server you should see a URL (This is the update your PS3 just attempted to download)
    • Download it on to your PC (Save to Downloads or Desktop)
    • Once the download is finished drag the update onto the demomanager.exe, It should pop up a command prompt but it won't stay there long enough to really notice. (This is Normal)
    • You should now have a new folder created with files inside of it.
    • Now move or copy the update you downloaded into that newly created folder.

    Note: If you can't find the demomanager.exe download it above and extract it to you're desktop or downloads folder.

    Step Five Uploading The File's To You're PS3

    • Open Filezilla (Download Above)
    • Type your PS3's IP address (If you have single or double digit's in the IP you should prefix the with 0, So my IP becomes

    Note: You should first customize Filezilla to Active mode instead of Passive and also only one transfer at a time.

    Optional: Use Username FTPD12345 and Password admin I've been using this.

    • Nativgate Filezilla to /dev_hdd0/vsh/task/
    • Now copy the folder that was created by Demo Manager to /dev_hdd0/vsh/task/ (Drag and Drop)


    That's it! All you need to do now is power off the PS3 remove the jail-break device, power up as normal and run the package update's that will appear under the GAME menu.

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    does this still work? can anybody confirm?
  3. xzKinGzxBuRnzx

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    I did it, it does work.
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    Update does not install

    I tried this last night with a backup game but the update would not install. I followed every step to the letter, the icon was visible on my PS3 XMB but when I selected it, it came up with a PS3 80...error.
    What am I doing wrong? I have two backups and both require updates, but the PS3 is not allowing unpacking of the .pkg file.
    This is the only thing holding me back now!! Help me please!!
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    It doesn't work.

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