Hack a 250gb, 320gb or 500gb Sata harddrive to work in the Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim

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    Edit check bolt first
    Hi, thanks for the great thread, i ordered a hard drive from the list:
    Followed the steps very serious.
    Booted hddhackr, flashed firmware and created backup undo.bin.
    According hddhackr everything was successful (but it does not asked to do partition).
    After putting the hd in, the hard drive was listed as "unformatted", i found a post here in the forum OP mentioned it would be worth trying to create partition 0/2/3. i tried that got error DIVIDE ERROR MEMORY ALLOCATION ERROR "CANNOT LOAD COMMAND, ,system halted" and the drive wasnt listed anymore on the xbox.

    So i decided to restore the firmware with my created undo.bin file, but it failed.
    Then i tried to flash the firmware again, some warning appeared "its successfully flashed but some sectors 16? arent correct" or similar like that, hddhackr fixed it then.
    I tried again and it worked, but on the xbox it shows 45gb(not 450) from 461gb available but nothing is on it (below is a sentence "the remaining space reserved for the system") .

    How can i get the full 500gb(461gb) ? May i can format it with the xbox (my serialnumber is asked there) ?
    Please help, thanks.

    Just want to say that, formatting my hard drive with the xbox 360 solved the problem and i have the full ~470gb now.
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