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Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta Download [JTAG ONLY]

Discussion in 'Libxenon Homebrew / Jtag & Reset Glitch Content' started by Hoffman, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Hoffman

    Hoffman Addict

    Jun 1, 2007
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    I have tested this on another console here and the beta IS console locked, meaning it will NOT load on any other console / profile other than the one which downloaded it from Xbox Live, so this will likely be useless for the majority of people

    If you have a jtagged console you might be able to mod / mess about with this so I thought it was worth uploading for that reason.

    Finally thanks to the person who supplied the beta key so this could be uploaded early :)


    Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta

    About the game:

    Halo: Reach is an upcoming first-person shooter video game for the Xbox 360. It is part of the Halo series, and it is scheduled for release during the fall of 2010. The game takes place in the year 2552, where humanity is locked in a war with the alien Covenant. Players control Noble 6, a member of an elite supersoldier squad, during a battle for the human world of Reach.


    Reach will feature multiplayer support via Xbox Live, System Link, and Split screen.

    Most of the time, players play as Spartan soldiers but in certain multiplayer modes, players can play as Covenant aliens known as Elites (the Covenant's closest equivalent unit to the UNSC Spartan). Elites are larger, tougher, faster, and have a unique "evade" rolling ability. Reach also features "loadouts", a feature allows players to pick a predefined choice of weaponry at spawn. The veto system has been improved, allowing players to vote for their preferred map and game mode out of a few choices. In order to give multiplayer a longer lasting appeal, players are now rewarded with "credits", which players can spend on armor customizations. These effects are only visual, and don't change the gameplay of the players in any way. The amount of credits a player receives after a match is determined by the player's performance in the match.

    Among standard multiplayer modes such as deathmatch (called "Slayer") and king of the hill, Reach includes gametypes new to the franchise. In "Headhunter", players drop skulls upon death, which other players can pick up and deposit at special zones for points. When a player dies all their accumulated skulls fall away as well. "Stockpile" has teams race to collect neutral flags, holding them at capture points every minute for points. "Generator Defense" pits three Spartans versus three Elites. The Elites' objective is to destroy three generators, while Spartans defend the installation. After every round the players switch roles. "Invasion" is a six versus six mode. The gametype pits Spartans against Elites; as the game progresses, new loadouts, vehicles, and areas of the map become open.


    Download Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta (Jtag Only)

    Jtag Instructions: (By Twis7eD of InsomniacGamerZ)

    This tutorial will teach you how to unlock the Halo: Reach beta on your JTAG'd Xbox 360. It will allow you to run around on all maps including two that haven't been released yet (one of which is a Firefight map) and will also make modifying those .map files possible.

    A JTAG'd Xbox 360 or a developement kit
    Halo: Reach Beta
    Forceload XeX's

    Once you have all those files, you may start. You will need to use all of them and if you are missing one, then you can not complete this tutorial.

    1. Download Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta (Jtag Only)
    2. Once the beta is done downloading, either put your hardrive on your JTAG'd Xbox and boot into XeXmenu and FTP the 4D53885C folder to your Xbox. Or you can connect your hardrive to your computer and open Xplorer360. Then in Xplorer360 go to Partition 3>Content>00000000000>4D53885C>00080000>725EC55D55 2A4DEDDE69466A0BA490B2CB496EF74D and extract that file to somewhere on your computer.

    Extracting the maps, default.xex, waves, etc

    1. Now open WxPirs.
    2. In the top left hand corner, click file> open or click the folder with an arrow above it button.
    3. Locate your where you saved your Halo Reach Beta to (aka the 725EC55D552A4DEDDE69466A0BA490B2CB496EF74D file) and open the file.
    4. You should now be presented with bink, maps, and waves folders and a default.xex, WaveShell-Xbox.dll and WavesLibDLL.dll
    5. Click file > extract all or click the repeating floppy disc icon in the top left hand corner.
    6. Pick a folder to extract all of those files and folders to and wait until they are all done (it was will say "done" next to every folder and file).

    Downloading the Forceload XeX's (Credit to DeToX for the XeX's and Halo: Reach modding research)

    1. Download the Forceload XeX's
    2. Extract all contents of the halo_reach_beta_forceload.rar to a folder.

    Putting the Beta on your Hardrive and Playing it

    1. Open Xplorer360 and navigate to your Partition 3>Content>0000000000>and make a new folder called "Games" if you don't already have that folder.
    2. Inside that folder make a new folder called "Halo Reach Beta".
    3. Inside of the Halo Reach Beta folder, put your reach-30_settlement.xex, reach-ff10_prototype.xex, reach-20_sword_slayer.xex, reach-70_boneyard.xex, reach-mainmenu.xex, WaveShell-Xbox.dll, WavesLibDLL.dll, and waves folder that you got from the halo_reach_beta_forceload.rar. Make sure that you put EVERY file that came in the halo_reach_beta_forceload.rar folder.
    4. Once those files are on your hardrive, go to the folder that contains all the files and folders that you extracted using WxPirs. Take the "maps" and "bink" folders and all of their contents and put those in your Halo Reach Beta folder on your hardrive.
    4. Put your hardrive on your Xbox and go to Game Library>XeXmenu. Then go to Hdd1>Content>000000000>Games>Halo Reach Beta> Then click on either reach-30_settlement.xex, reach-ff10_prototype.xex, reach-20_sword_slayer.xex, or reach-70_boneyard.xex to load whichever one of those maps you want.
    5. Once you have clicked one of those, you should be in the main menu. Your game will appear to freeze on a black screen. Just wait a few seconds and then the map will load.
    6. To go to another map, repeat step 4.

    The Firefight map is reach-ff10_prototype.xex and the other unreleased map is reach-70_boneyard.xex

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  2. MasterChief

    MasterChief Addict

    Sep 17, 2009
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    The Internet
    Thanks, will be good to play about with on a jtag system until I can get the beta with OSDT this Monday.
  3. Michael_T

    Michael_T Addict

    Dec 21, 2009
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    To confirm Hoffman
    It will not work on a normal Xbox 360 .
    I was trying to rehash & resign Halo Reach with Modio , but no luck . :(
  4. soulwarrior

    soulwarrior New Member

    Apr 30, 2010
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    I have an jtagged (freeboot) box and i got it to launch by using le fluffie (loading file --> security tab ---> make anonymous ---> sign for dev live (rehash checked off). Problem is, is that it gives the error must have an xbox live connection. In a sense it's useless at this point because even if you get it to launch, you have to be connected to live (with a jtag you'd be banned rather quickly). Thanks for the upload though, maybe someone will find a work around for us with jtagged 360s :)
  5. Scarface0415

    Scarface0415 Banned

    Jun 19, 2010
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    WT,NY soon to be GA
    ima get halo reach when it comes out looks good to me
  6. Xylogeist

    Xylogeist New Member

    Jul 24, 2010
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    Wow... this is irritating. Won't let me download the Forceload Xex's. Leech protection is total BS >_>
  7. Famous

    Famous New Member

    Aug 16, 2010
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    mines saying disk unreadable
  8. Nintendude

    Nintendude New Member

    Nov 7, 2010
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    Is there any chance of getting just the .MAP files, I am trying to get them to try and do a edit to the files using Ascention. I just can't figure out how to extract the .XEX files on my PC to .MAP files so I can do some edit work.

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