Halo: Spartan Assault Coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360

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    343 Industries has announced Halo: Spartan Assault, which was released exclusively for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 PC July this year, is now coming to the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One consoles.

    Halo: Spartan Assault on the consoles includes everything the mobile and PC versions do, but also includes a brand new online co-op mode with brand new co-op missions, the Operation Hydra expansion, an encounter with the flood, and even more weapons, armour abilities and upgrades.

    Halo: Spartan Assault delves into the backstory of the Human-Covenant War and the origin of the Spartan Ops program, while playing through the eyes of either Spartan Sarah Palmer or Spartan Davis.

    Halo: Spartan Assault on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One is scheduled to come out December 2013. The Xbox One is released November 22nd.

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    Great news, i didn't really fancy purchasing the game on Windows. With the benefit of co-op missions i might just get this on the Xbox One.

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