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    Now if you are anything like me you will have spent the past weekend falling in and out of a chocolate egg induced diabetic coma. But hopefully between bouts of sugar fuelled unconsciousness you managed to catch some true televisual treats. This will be the first of a few reviews by me about the Easter TV highlights so expect a few more in the next few days. Now onto the first thing that I will be reviewing RED DWARF: BACK TO EARTH



    It’s been 9 years since the events of series eight. Kochanski is dead and Holly is offline because Lister Left a tap on for a couple of years only to have it burst through and soak the computers. Lister, Cat, Rimmer and kryten, older but apparently no wiser are up to their old tricks. After a fight with a dimension hopping giant squid that has made itself at home in the ships water tanks the boys have a visit from another hologram of the red dwarf crew. With her help the lads travel back to earth but all is not what it seems. They find that in this reality they are characters from a TV show and that they are on their final three episodes. In a blade runner-esc manner the lads must track down their creator and plead for more life.

    Red Dwarf science Officer Katerina Bartikovsky Played by Sophie Winkleman

    What Did I Think

    Now it’s been a long times since the Red Dwarf lads have been on our screens and in the first episode it shows a bit. What we have is new, and due to a change of studios and most of the new set featuring CGI it looks different from what we knew. The lack of a studio audience as well as a laugh track also does alot to make it feel different. It’s like your favourite pair of trousers that you haven’t worn in a few years. When finally decide to put them back on again they feel different to how you remember them.

    She might have been smarter the he is, but Rimmer had Spotted a Bald Patch

    However like when you put those trousers on, after a bit of time and getting use to them , you remember why these are your favourite trousers in the first place (sorry I will stop using the trousers metaphors). After the first half of the program it starts to resemble the red dwarf that we used to know. The jokes are there and so are the characters.
    The episodes set in our reality are also a treat. In these scenes the lads are essentially making fun of us the red dwarf fan boys and Sci-Fi fandom in general. They ask the questions that we the audience are asking i.e. are these the last episodes.

    The new technology that has been used to make the series does alot to help make these episodes possible. Should they decide to do another series I for one would not mind the new look.

    Two Worlds Colide

    The Good

    1. There are past episode that are referenced such as ‘Back to Reality’ and ‘Polymorph’ confirming that the series is part of the old cannon.
    2. Almost the entire original cast is back.
    4. Red Dwarf Goes to Coronation Street
    5. That this could lead to a series revival
    6. Car bug (watch and you’ll understand)

    The Bad

    1. There has been a series that has happened off screen
    2. Due to the off air series there is no resolution from the end of series eight
    3. No laugh track make the series sounds weird

    The Geeky

    1. The Movie Blade Runner inspired the series and is heavily referenced in these three specials
    2. The re-named the channel that it was shown on (DAVE) to DAVE LISTER while they were showing the specials and classic episodes
    3. As well as the specials there was also a making of documentary shown
    4. Craig Charles had to Play himself and Lister
    5. The man who was responsible for the CGI also worked on the Lord Of The Rings films

    The Reason Bob the scutter looked pleased with himself was because he had Just flipped Rimmer the V


    It was great to see red dwarf back on our screens, and after some initial problems re-acquainting myself with the series I enjoyed it immensely. It was funny and just as good as I remember. I think that these specials were not only to celebrate Red Dwarfs 21st and reward the loyal fans but also to see if they could still make the show and see if it was still popular. And the answer is yes. With all of the advancements in technology and the filming techniques they could still make a funny and exciting series. The series creators have stated that should the specials do well they will make a new series.
    These specials were very good and very funny and hopefully will inspire a new series

    Score: 4 1/2 Scutters out of 5

    Review by: (Wants you to BUY THE SMEGGING DVD) Haloman
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    Great review as always Haloman, I watched all three episodes in the special too.

    Before this I had never really watched Red Dwarf, the first episode was a bit rubbish in my opinion but the second on where they were trying to track the creators down was quite good, I enjoyed some of the jokes in it too.

    Not sure if its a series I would watch but considering how old it is, I don’t think it was bad.

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