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    Hello!!! :)

    I'm Nimrod. I'm one of the Admins of Digiex. I've been around since the beginning as one of the founding members of Digiex.
    If you want to know more about the story of Digiex and how it came to be, please read this awesome thread: https://digiex.net/general-discussions/general-chat/6741-history-digiex.html

    I'm one of the more quiet members of staff. Until recently I was pretty much the guy running the behind the scenes stuff, like the Web Server, Forum software and so fourth. Recently however with commitments to full time employment and various other reasons (including being behind the times sadly on new server tech :( ) I now share this responsibility more with the co-founder Insanenutter. As such, your now likely to find me getting more involved in the day to day runnings.

    A little about myself? I'm your average Tech Enthusiast. My house is covered with technology in pretty much every room. I'm addicted to reading, learning and exploring the internet. If I'm not infront of my PC on the net, I'm either outside on my phone, or relaxing to a bit of Netflix. I was a big guy due to my inactivity, but I've recently got into fitness and have managed to half my body fat, and am on the road to reaching ideal weight for the first time in a long time. I've suddenly found a passion for cycling which I never knew I had and am now regular spending my weekends cycling, as well as ditching my car and cycling to work (weather permitting).

    I have a big belief in internet freedom and will stand up for users rights on the internet, including the right to block tracking, the right to the free flow of information and I am very interested in copyright reform. I find it sicking that media companies spend all their life's trying to sue users for stealing content, instead of focusing on providing legal content in convenient form (DRM free and online all you can eat streaming for a reasonable fee like Netflix). Therefore if I can do anything to help on this matter including posting content and campaigning on the internet I will do so.

    My current goal on Digiex is about User Engagement. We have a popular forum with on average over 400 people viewing at any one time. Sadly one of our biggest problems was high guest count but low active member count. I'm currently working on a number of strategies to try and improve this, some of the recent changes I've been working on is with the user flow which involves the processes between a user browsing as a guest, to registering, to activating their account and then slowly introducing them to the various parts of the site. Its a fun challenge and something I enjoy doing. My goal is now to try and use what I learnt from my full time job outside of Digiex, to further improve on Digiex. I'm also working to engage more with our current members. This includes introducing a members only forum with direct access to the Administration team providing friendly help and support, to introducing this introduction forum to try and engage both current and new members to talk more about themselves and engage in the bigger Digiex Community. The only way to get this site to grow and become a great family of like minded people is to engage with our current members to keep them active, and improve the user flow to new users to try and turn them from unengaged visitors to engaged members.

    That's enough about me. Why not make your own thread and share something about yourself?

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