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    Hey I’m InsaneNutter, I’m from Yorkshire in England and am one of the people who founded Digiex.

    If you would like to know more about the story behind Digiex and its history over the years, please read this article: The History of Digiex.

    So a bit about myself; I’m in my mid 20’s, interested in all thing tech and work as an IT Administrator. I must admit I like my job as I never quite know what I will be doing from day to day. I’m looking forward to migrating the workplace to Windows 8 and Server 2012 later this year, this should be an interesting challenge!

    This sort of leads on to what I have been doing at Digiex recently, myself and Nimrod have recently migrated Digiex from Apache to IIS (Internet Information Services) which is the webserver included with Windows Server. The webserver side of things on Digiex has usually been Nimrods area in the past, however I found it interesting us both working together behind the scenes and migrating the website over this Christmas period, in turn learning more about Windows Server in the process.

    At Digiex I’ve always been trying to create unique, detailed content. This is what will get your site noticed on the web, through linkbacks, reputation and eventually Google. Creating content for Digiex has surprised me as I’ve actually hated writing essays all the way through my time in School. However when I was at University I learned I could actually write articles in detail, and explain a point to someone who might not know much on the subject. As I had interest in what I was writing about this motivated me to try finish the work to a high standard. Some of the tutorials I’ve wrote for Digiex have gained over a million views which has really surprised me.

    At home my main project in recent years has been home networking and HTPC’s (home theatre pc’s). I have been interested in HTPC’s since i read about Windows Media Center in 2002.

    PC’s were expensive and power hungry back then, so eventually I got a modified Xbox which i installed XBMC on. The Xbox was small, quiet and used little power compared to a PC, so was a great solution back then! Now if we fast forward to 2013 there’s a pc in almost every room of the house either running Windows Media Center or XBMC. The main HTCP in the front room has a Quad DVB-T2 tuner (Freeview HD to people in the UK), capable of recording 4x HD channels at once, a HD-DVD / Blu-ray combo drive and 1TB of hard drive to save recorded TV. All other content is streamed off the home server.

    The Home Server is a HP Proliant Microserver, which only cost around £120! (excluding storage) The server has 10TB of storage and currently runs Windows Home Server 2011. Besides serving media it also backs up the family’s computers each night, and currently hosts the Digiex UT 2004 Server.

    I think that’s enough about me for now, feel free to ask me more about anything above, also do create a topic and introduce yourself. I think it’s also great to gain more like minded members in the Digiex community.

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