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    I just wanted to say hi to all the members of Digiex.net

    My real name is Michael & i'm from the Netherlands.
    I'm a real multi-media freak. I like everything that has to do with multimedia like games, movies, music, gadget's ...
    When i came to Digiex in December 2009 i was looking for some Xbox 360 content without going on Xbox Live.
    Since then i never left & posted some stuff on Digiex & tried to help some users with problems.
    Since 2012 i became a Moderator on Digiex.net which i'm still very proud of.

    If you ever need any help with still playing "online" after being banned from Xbox Live, then i'm the guy to talk to.
    In the old Xbox 1 days i played all the time on XBConnect , which was a tunnel app to play online without Xbox Live.
    I had a daily server running for Halo 2 which was always full with fun people to play with.
    After that i switched to XLink Kai ( another tunnel app ) where i was a Moderator for a short time.

    You might ask yourself's : What does this guy do for a living if he likes multimedia so much ?
    Well , you're gonna be shocked : I work in a farmasutical company. That's all i can say.

    If you ever want to play with me, then don't be afraid to ask me.

    My XLink Kai gamertag is : Michael_T ( Xbox / Xbox 360 ).
    My PSN gamertag is : Michael_T_NL ( PS3 )

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