HELP Install OSX On A PC!

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  1. Hi There ciuld c=omeone please put a guide up that shows you how to install mac osx with pitures! thank you
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    This is rather difficult,did you download a iso or have a disc?

    for drivers you need this site and a kexts installer
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    there is several site devoted to installing mac osx on a p.c how ever there is not a iso image that will allow you to install the os like windows some sites post mother boards that will work directly how ever you still have to get the mac os
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    I used this: Kakewalk: Minimal effort install (EP45, EX58, P55, G41) - InsanelyMac Forum

    You basically use a boot cd, then install OSX from a legit DVD, It will only work with certain motherboards however.

    Have a look on InsanelyMac for a guide on installing with your motherboard or laptop, no one guide will work for every PC, and its likely you will have to install kexts after the main installation has finished.

    The end result of my install is here: it still works almost a year later, although i do not really use it much to be honest.

    Dont expect it to be as simple as installing Windows 7 though, and some things can break with updates from Apple.

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