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    Hello to all the members of Digiex and any new joiners :) Just a little post introducing myself and my role within Digiex.

    Spell my Digiex username backwards and you're one step close to my real name ;) I've been involved with Digiex since the very beginning (the forum that was alive before this one, Digiex 1.0 (though this one has also been through some major changes since)).

    I know both the administrators in real life. I was first tasked with creating posts of interest for Digiex mainly involved with media, TV, games and computers and moderating the forum. I try to do so still to this day (though not as often as I'd like, I now work full time which makes things difficult).

    My job is IT Technician so I help out users anyway that I can with whatever problems they have. Hence if you need any advice on PCs etc just PM me or ask on the forum :) I'm mainly Windows (as that's what I use at work) though I do have some experiences with Macs and other OS's.

    I do tend to play games on XBL from time to time so add me if you'd like: Heppyruk

    I also tend to be on Steam quite a bit so if you wanna chat or play a game or whatever it may be just add me: Heppy2k2. Digiex also have a Steam user group which I'm a member of, as our most of the Digiex Admin staff. Come join us :) https://digiex.net/general-discussions/gaming-hangout/260-digiex-steam-group.html

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