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    im from malaysia....my name is joe ...
    i hope my digiex forum will help me and it only my hope..
    i bought xbox360 kinect modded for my kid
    just now i put new bought dvd (minecraft) when put in it say need updates...
    press ok it reboot after that stuck in error updates..
    error code c000-0022

    If you get the following status code and message when you’re trying to download an update, your console has been tampered with or modified, and the console has been banned.
    Can't process the update. If the problem persists, go to Welcome to Xbox Support - Xbox.com.
    Status Code: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-C000-0022
    Note The “x” characters in the status code vary. Your console can no longer connect to Xbox LIVE, install software updates, or play new games that require a console software update.

    what can i do so i can use back my console....
    need help...both my son is angry becouse i spoil it....
    arggghh this killing me...

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