How To Back Up Xbox 360 Games Using Wxripper (XGD2)

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    This only works with xdg2 games.

    1. DVD reader with the top of the case taken off and the magnet removed from the top cover,the magnet stops the disc from moving.
    2. 8gb dvd movie
    3. wxripper(download here)
    1.Insert your dvd movie and close any popup windows.
    2.Run wxripper as admin
    3.Change the drive letter to your dvd,then click the button right next to the green arrow(looks like a magnifying glass)
    4.Click on file>save layout file
    5.Open your location of that file and also open notepad
    drag the file into notepad,change the third line first letter from C to D save that file and close notepad.
    6.Go back to wxripper click file>open layout file and open your layout file
    7.Click on stop drive(stop button on wxripper),when the disc has stopped spinning remove the magnet,replace the movie with the game & place the magnet back on the middle on spin drive(play button on wxripper) and then press start dump(green arrow) a window will popup and select a location to save the iso.
    9.this process will take about 5-15minutes,the result is this can run the iso through abgx

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