how to backup and restore windows 8 kms activation

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    *you can transfer activation from 32bit to 64bit and vice versa as long as hardware and version is same eg 32 pro to 64 pro
    1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\spp\ and backup the store folder as this turned out to be the only folder you need to make backup of (verified by myself)

    The store folder might be hidden, open up Folder options from Control panel and choose View tab, select Show hidden files and folders + uncheck Hide protected
    Attention 2:
    Make sure to verify that the store folder contains these files and folders!

    1 file named data.dat which is hidden
    1 file named tokens.dat which is visible
    1 folder named cache containing a file named cache.dat

    2. Re-install Windows

    3. After Windows is re-installed I suggest running a new Command Prompt as Administrator where you need to type in slmgr -upk to uninstall the key so the status changes to Unlicensed

    4. After step 3 you need to reboot in Safe mode and easiest way is by using msconfig via Run. Choose the Boot tab and then Safe boot-Minimal, apply and restart when prompted

    5. After the PC has rebooted in Safe mode open a new Command Prompt as Administrator and type net stop sppsvc to stop the Protection Platform service (sometimes you can get a message that it's already stopped and not running) (* not always needed)

    6. Go to C:\Windows\System32\spp\ and replace the current store folder with the backedup one (I just copied the folder and pasted over the old one replacing the files altogether)

    7. Go to Run and use msconfig and choose Normal boot under General tab this time, apply and click restart when prompted

    8. When restarted you can see that the watermarks are gone and by checking the usual slui cmd prompt
    kms client keys
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