How to buy an additional Xbox One Power Supply from Xbox Support

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    You might be wondering why would you want to purchase an additional power supply for your Xbox One?

    Well if your Xbox One setup is anything like mine its all wired in a unit, up against a wall (or even attached to a wall in some way) which is pretty difficult to disconnect anything from which you have connected up over the years.


    So basically i wanted an additional PSU so i could easily move my Xbox One and use it in another room of the house if i desire, or even take it to a friends to have an Xbox Lan. You would think obtaining an additional PSU would be easy enough right? well you couldn't be more wrong. Microsoft do not sell them as an accessory, or will not even let you purchase one on the Xbox Support webpage.

    Granted if you PSU breaks you can sent it back to Microsoft and get a free replacement if its in warranty, however if you tell them you out right want another they wont let you have one (even if you offer to purchase it) That leaves random no brand 3rd party power supply's for the Xbox One which i didn't really want to trust. I guess my experience in building PC's over the last 15 years has taught me to never purchase a chap PSU.

    So how can you actually purchase another Xbox One PSU?

    The answer is simple, Lie.

    As bad as that sounds if you call up Xbox Support and tell them a little white lie, basically saying that you have lost your PSU they will offer to sell you another one for around £25. Even then they will still keep asking you if its broken and you can send it back for a replacement. I honestly can not see why they appear to be against someone having two PSU's for their Xbox One?

    Xbox Support UK: 0800 587 1102
    Xbox Support US: 800 469-9269

    For other regions you can get the number to call from your localised Xbox Support page

    Once you have gone through the process of explaining you have lost your PSU and the person on the other end of the phone thinking your likely an idiot, the support person will take your card details over the phone and put an order in to have a new PSU shipped to you.

    Note: You will need to have your Xbox One registered on the Xbox website and provided your Windows Live ID before they can process anything for you, they will ask you to confirm the address on your Windows Live ID is correct.

    All been well you will get an email confirming the order and another to let you know it has been shipped:


    I was told it could take up to 28 working days to get my new PSU, however it arrived in the post a couple of days later:



    I really don't think it should be so hard to get an additional PSU, i certainly shouldn't need to make an excuse up to be able to purchase one. Surly its better than people purchasing random ones one Ebay which have likely not been tested to any safety standards?

    Who knows, however that's my story on how i got an additional PSU for my Xbox One anyway. Now i can take it to Xbox Lans or use it else where with ease.

    Edit - 11/09/15: It's now possible to purchase additional Xbox One power supply units via
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