How to Dump OG XDK HDD via network. (ViridiX)

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    Dumping any HDD based Hardware is one of the most important things you can do.
    Dumping the HDD before you run a build/retail game/ music/ video is essential to saving any potential data that could be there.

    Time to dump: ~45 minutes (can slightly be more or less)
    Important!! - altho you do not need to open your Xbox to do this, it is highly recommended that you open your Xbox and remove the Clock Capacitor. They are known to leak and destroy the motherboard. Do not do this on a 1.6 revision Xbox as it will not boot unless you replace the capacitor!
    This Video can help you identify and remove your clock cap!

    Credit to XBOX7887 for making ViridiX Explorer!
    About ViridiX
    This is not a complete tool. The file Explorer part does not work, and this started as a testbed that turned into what it is today.
    Known Issues -
    " It also doesnt work on every XDK version yet. If you find a version not supported (youll find the dumping tools not working properly), reach out to the author.

    The other thing it doesnt work on is if it has been software locked via the XDK software. There are ways of poking the memory to unlock things if it is a dev kit or if you can otherwise debug it, like with the USB xbox debugger adapter that the author made."

    • Windows 7 machine or at least running in a Virtual Machine UPDATE: was confirmed from Dev that this will work on Win8/Win10
    • ViridiX Explorer- GDrive Download Link
    • .NET Framework 4.6.2 but preferably higher
    • OG Xbox Debug/Development Kit
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Aeorsoul's FatxTool -

    Step 1: Make sure you have your xbox plugged into power, make sure a video cable is plugged in, it can be a cut cable, but it needs the cable at the very least plugged into the console. Also make sure your Ethernet Cable is plugged into console and your Win7 Machine or into a DHCP Router on the same network as the Win7 Machine.

    Step 2: Boot into Windows 7, Make sure you have .NET Framework installed. Extract ViridiX Explorer to your desktop.

    Step 3: Run ViridiX.Explorer, you will be greeted to this screen, press the button in the top left.


    Step 4: On this screen, under Discovery, you should see an IP address, if you do click the check mark next to it, if your IP is not there click the little refresh button and it should show up. Do not worry about the Current and disconnected text above your IP, that doesnt change as far as I know.


    Step 5: Click Utilities on the left side., We will use 3 different options, the first 2 only take about 5 seconds.
    Start with EEPROM dump, this can be useful in the future.
    After that Dump the TSOP Flash, it will only take a second as well.


    Step 6: Click Download HDD Image. A save box will open, pick a location with at least 10GB free, click save.
    IMPORTANT: The program will freeze and seem unresponsive. This is normal, It is highly recommended that while this is dumping that you dont open anything on your computer, im some rare occasions it can cause the dump to fail.


    Step 7: When the hdd is finished the program will be responsive again, we should now check the Image to make sure it was properly dumped. Todothis load the image with Aerosoul94's Fatx-tools, if it successfully opens, the image was complete and you can now try to recover data from the raw image.

    Here is a link to a guide on how to recover deleted data!
    *The HDD IMG can very in size! Some are 8-10GB in size some can be smaller!, if it is under 8GB, redo it just to see if you get a different size

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    Great tutorial, I really like how this is been done without even having to open the Debug / Development Kit. Certainly a must if you happen to get a kit with some builds on.
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