How to Eject and Replace Blaupunkt NX Ford Navigation DVD - Focus, Mondeo, S-Max, etc

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    How to eject and replace the navigation DVD from a Ford Focus, Kuga, S-Max, Galaxy, or Mondeo fitted with the Blaupunkt NX 7 inch touch screen navigation system

    If you have bought, or are about to buy an updated navigation DVD for your car, you're probably wondering where to stick it. This is a scenario which I am sure causes much confusion, as the disc is not located in the boot, or in the CD slot at the top of the unit, contrary to what some people may (understandably) believe. It's actually located behind a plastic panel below the display. Here's how to access it.

    1. Switch on the ignition and power up the unit if necessary

    2. Carefully pull the volume knob to remove it


    3. Now carefully remove the plastic cover which surrounds the volume knob - to do this, pull from the bottom left-hand section of the hole gently with your finger


    4. Now simultaneously press the NAV and MENU buttons, and a service menu will appear


    5. Tap 'Eject DVD'

    6. Enter your radio code


    The disc will then pop out from below the display.

    7. Insert the new disc, and you will be requested to continue with a software update. Tap 'Continue' and you will see the following screen:


    This takes a few minutes. After completion, the unit will power off. Give it a moment or two, and then switch it on manually.

    To replace the plastic cover, ensure that the metal retaining spring is located inward at the bottom, place the cover in position at the top, and press inward at the bottom for it to pop back in to position. Then just gently relocate the power / volume knob.
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