How To Flash A Verzion iPhone To PagePlus

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    You may of been searching for a while to figure this one out as it took me a bit of time to get it. Follow this guide and you will succeed. ;)

    This requires a CDMA iPhone not GSM. Should work just fine on a iPhone 4 or 4S. However a 5 hasn't been tested.

    Why should you do this? The plans are significantly cheaper than going directly through Verzion. Not to mention you are not binded to a contract. I switched from AT&T (purchased a verzion iphone first) paying 60-80$ a month that I didn't even use that much due to my inactivity. Even then AT&T wouldn't allow me to use tethering. Had to jailbreak and use My-Wi to accomplish this. Even then AT&T detected it and threw a larger data plan on my account. Which I had to call and have removed. I am now paying 12$ a month and it suites me just fine, no contract and tethering (even though I don't use it). OH!! Lets not forget about the spotty AT&T coverage and the LACK of 3G in my area. PagePlus gives me better service 3 bars vs my 1 bar before AND 3G! :D

    The savings a year is quite significant for just my line alone doing this for your family and :O! It had to be done.

    The first step is rather easy. You need to check the ESN of your iPhone. This is best done using this link. After a short while or a few hours depending on there server they will send you a email. Please be sure to read it completely so that you make sense of what its saying. Now here is an example of what my email said. "The Device State is: ___AVAILABLE_FOR_USE___ (this field should NOT be blank, if it is, read below.)" Now this is the most important line in the email and it can say many different things which have been explained in the email sent to you. The device state above "AVAILABLE_FOR_USE" is rather simple to grasp, it means your device will work on the PagePlus just fine. However you may at times receive nothing on this line. If so this generally just means to re-submit the ESN check request. If your getting something else then please read your email and make sense of it. If you need help just ask.

    Next step, you need to go here to get a FREE PagePlus phone number. Now before contining understand this is a quick and free method that will generate you a PagePlus phone number based on the zip code you provide. If you'd perfer to keep a old phone number I'd suggest using this. This is also free, however it does take time. It took me a day or so to fully port my brothers iPhone. There are other methods of doing this but free is clearly the best! :D

    Activing your iPhone is next! You need to get in service range and dail *228 then press 1 when prompted. You'll recevie a "Service Update Complete" after about one minute. Now if you click contacts (while in the phone app) it should show your new phone number at the very top. If not, restart your iphone.



    Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 2.53.02 PM.png

    Now place your first phone call. It will complete the activation. When prompted just press 1 and your done. Now after this is done your phone is good to go. However you need to register an account and tie your phone to the account to purchase minutes or go on a monthly plan. This needs to be done here. PagePlus. Creating an account should be rather easy. AFTER you have created an account and are signed in go to this Add a Phone. From here just register your iPhone. It will send you a text message code that you will need to provide it.

    Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 2.52.12 PM.png

    All done. You may now purchase a monthly plan or do a Pay as you go deal type thing from here. Plans. If you went with a Port-In above then you should of recevied a email with a discount code. However it must be used on Kitty Wireless. Which means it will take more time.

    Note: If your using a jailbroken phone here you can download a PagePlus Carrier Bundle and apply it your iPhone using Cydia. This will make it show PagePlus as your carrier in settings and at the top. It will also remove visual voicemail. As this won't work. It may also also change apn settings and such. Everything will work just fine without it so this step is not required but will make everything more proper.

    Add the source "" to your sources in Cydia. (without quotes)
    Then install the "Commcenter Patch" and "PagePlus Carrier Bundle".
    Reboot phone and your done. ;D

    Note: It will add a silly looking logo at the top left, if you wish to remove this and use the normal PagePlus text just install "iFile" from Cydia. Then browse to "/var/mobile/Carrier Bundle.bundle". Delete or rename all the .png files. Optionally if you have OpenSSH install on your device just login and type cd "/var/mobile/Carrier Bundle.bundle" && rm *.png

    Thats all there is. Your 100% done! :D Enjoy your new FEATURE packed iPhone. Should you need any help just ask below. Below is a photo of the end result!

    IMG_0027.PNG IMG_0028.PNG IMG_0029.PNG

    Another note, if your trying to do this using a non-verzion iPhone, then it won't work. Those devices need manual flashing. Which isn't easy to do. ;(
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