How to get DOA 3 Bonus Costumes on Xbox 1 HDD then to Xbox360 HDD

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    First i tried this at my own risk! and assume no liability for
    those trying this method. So use at your own risk!!

    Xbox1 installation (choose any of the three methods)
    1. OXM Disc June 2002 (no mod needed to install)
    2. xbox Exhibition Demo Vol.1 (no mod needed to install)
    3. Dead Or Alive 3 Booster Disk iso by johnodd4 (mod needed to install)
    (look in Digiex > Downloads > Download Center 2.0 > Consoles and Homebrew)

    Now whichever way you choose to get the booster pack, your original xbox must be modded in order to ftp the booster pack to your pc. i used "Core FTP LE" from

    Now on to getting the booster pack to your xbox360 hdd which doesn't
    have to be modded for the process i'm about to describe.
    The way i did it was i went into my modded xbox 1 dashboard, then file explorer, then E:\TDATA\54430001 this is the folder with the doa 3 files. Now ftp (download) that folder to your pc. I have Xport360 Docking Station from Datel Code Junkies.

    I placed my 120gb HDD into docking station then plugged into usb slot of pc. Next i right-moused clicked xport360 software as administrator, then clicked on partition 3, compatability, xbox1, tdata, then dragged and dropped folder 54430001 from desktop of pc onto tdata folder of xport360. You'll have to turn off User Account Control in order to drag and drop files into xport360. You should be able to find it in contol panel.

    Next i disconnected 120gb HDD from xport then reconnected to xbox360.
    finally i Inserted DOA 3 game and it loaded just fine with all costumes, settings, and unlocked theater mode right before my eyes!

    I suppose you could use "Microsoft XBOX 360 Transfer Cable" but i don't have one, so i don't know how that works but feel free to try it that way and see if it works.

    Note 1: as you already know xbox live dlc installers only work on modded xbox1 and not on non modded xbox360 and i have no idea if they would work on a jtagged xbox360.

    Note 2: DOA 3 doesn't have a game save feature on xbox1 msdash or blades dash, it just has the big icon on the left but it does save your progress and settings. Now in the mod file manager E:\TDATA\54430001 inside that folder is where you'll see the costume pack files and the DOA3SAVE.dat file which is your settings and progress file. I played the story mode with all 16 characters and unlocked theater mode after getting the bonus costumes, then ftp'd that folder to my xbox360.
    It is working perfectly!
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