How To Get Free iOS Apps and More!

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    I just discovered this today while surfing another website and thought I'd give it a quick try and it worked! Here is how you can get free iOS apps, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and PayPal funds using FeaturePoints!

    1. Visit this link on your iOS device:
    2. Click sign up and then Lets go.
    3. Install the profile (don't worry, its safe to install)
    4. Agree to the terms
    5. Download and install the apps
    6. Run the app (for 30 seconds to be safe)
    7. Points earned! Delete the app if you wish

    Note: You don't have to keep the app installed. It can be removed after launched. I'd suggest adding the site to your home screen for quicker access. If your jailbroken you can use "PasswordPilot" to automate the App Store password.

    I spent 15 minutes or less and earned free Angry Birds Star Wars! :D If you've got the spare time and want to earn the rewards and don't care for the little work required to get them, then this is a perfect solution for 99 cent apps. Of course you could save up your points and get more expensive apps/rewards the choice is yours.

    Please use the link above to sign up. You'll get 50 points for free!
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