How to get the latest version of UnRAR from Source (Ubuntu)

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    I was having a bit of trouble today extracting from an archive and ended up manually updating my installation of UnRAR to its latest version. Which did fix my problem. Here is a quick guide to help you as well. For this guide I am using Ubuntu however it should be really simple to change these commands based on the linux distro you are using.

    Please note at the time of writing this the latest version is 5.1.1b1. My system is also 64bit. Therefore you should adjust the 'wget' & 'tar' lines below to match your setup. You can find the files here.

    Also if you already have an older unrar installed you can leave it this way or simply remove it by running 'sudo apt-get remove --purge unrar'

    First you need to resolve a few dependencies. This is quite simple just run 'sudo apt-get install make'.

    tar -xvf rarlinux-x64-5.1.1b1.tar.gz
    cd rar
    sudo make
    sudo make install
    cd ..
    rm -rf rar
    rm rarlinux-x64-5.1.1b1.tar.gz
    Thats it! You may now call 'unrar' from a terminal or ssh connection and it should be installed to /usr/local/bin/unrar
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